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Ratmir Timashev – Co-Founder

Ratmir Timashev possesses a rare combination of proven business savvy, forward-looking technical knowledge and market vision. As Veeam Software’s Co-Founder, Ratmir brings to bear more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience building, advising and investing in successful technology companies.

In 1997, he founded Aelita Software, provider of award-winning Windows Server systems management software. In 2004, Aelita was acquired by Quest Software, and after ensuring the successful continuation of Aelita’s products and strategy at Quest, Ratmir founded Veeam Software to provide similar systems management solutions for virtualized server infrastructures. Over the last decade, Ratmir’s vision and drive has seen Veeam grow into a $500 million company and the innovative provider of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise.

Ratmir earned a master’s degree in Chemical Physics from the Ohio State University in 1995. He continues to share his knowledge and ideas to fuel innovative IT solutions around the world.

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