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NO.1 Select three correct Workforce Structure definitions. (Choose three.)
A. Location
B. Country
C. Department
D. Facility
E. Division
F. Geography
Answer: A,C,E

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NO.2 In an organization, a line manager is going on a long vacation and wants all his approval
notifications to flow to his supervisor for approval in his absence. How can he accomplish this task?
A. He has to configure new approval routing policies.
B. The application automatically delegates the approval to his supervisor based on the leave applied
for by the line manager.
C. A Vacation rule can be set under the Preferences section of worklist notification's Human Capital
Management server.
D. A system administrator always has to reassign the approval notification to the supervisor in the
line manager's absence.
Answer: C

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NO.3 An enterprise operates in a country where contract information is required for employees.
What type of employment model can the enterprise use?
A. contract assignment
B. single assignment
C. single assignment with contracts
D. multiple assignments with contracts
E. multiple assignments
Answer: C

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